Switch Energy Supplier and Save Money  

Save up to £200 per year!

How do I check for the best offer?

It’s really simple:

  • Go online & google energy comparison websites
  • Select a website & enter a few details about your property and what energy you use 
  • You will see a list of suppliers that may be a good match for you, click on any of the deals that look good to you for details of their offer.     

Tip – if you have any recent bills that show  your usage of gas/electric or both this will make things much easier  

How do I switch?

Once you have selected the deal that best suits you, you can:

  • Switch online by confirming your details or,
  • Telephone the Energy provider with your details 

Tip -  remember to quote the offer reference so you get the same deal you saw

How long will it take to switch to the new supplier?

  • It takes approximately 3 weeks, but you don’t have to do anything  after you have provided your details.  The energy company will  arrange it all.

Energy Myths Busters:

  • A Prepayment meter is cheaper.

Actually, pre-payment costs are more expensive because you are also paying for the rental of the pre-payment meter as well.  

A fixed tariff by Direct Debit is the cheapest method overall.  If you can move to this we would recommend it.

  • I could be charged twice.

You will only be charged by your old company to the date you leave them and be charged by your new company from the date you join them.

  • My energy might get cut-off while I’m switching suppliers.
  • This can’t happen!  They don’t go near your actual energy supply.

So what are you waiting for?                             

Still not sure if this is a good thing?

Any questions for us?

  • You can contact our Energy Advisor Ben Wilson at our office on 0141 840 5018 if you aren’t sure what to do or just want some further information.

Why not share how you get on?

  • You can share with us and other tenants your experience of switching energy suppliers via our Facebook.    

Tip - why not check out this Energy Quiz to see just how energy savvy you are

If you want to see some tips on saving money on your energy bills then have a look at Home Energy Scotland!