For ALL Heating Repairs ( including emergencies) call

City Technical  0333 202 0708

For ALL OTHER repairs at ANY time

  • Call 0141 583 4100 – when the office is open and speak to The Repairs Team
  • Call 0141 889 7105 – when the office is closed and speak straight to The Contractor


Don’t panic. Here’s what to do 

1. Phone the number above and you will speak directly to our Repairs Team or be forwarded to a Contractor.

2. If you are not sure if you have an emergency you can contact Contractors directly.

3. We will make things safe within 6 hours.

4. We will be in touch to arrange any follow up work.


Whatever the easiest way is for you to report a repair

We will contact you to arrange an appointment time, that’s convenient for you, to have the work done. And we’ll tell you the maximum amount of time it should take. 

How long depends on the type and complexity of work needed. Some repairs are subject to Right to Repair Legislation which explains the timescales for certain repairs.