How We Communicate with Our Customers

We continually look at ways to reduce costs and improve our processes.  

Our 2022 tenant satisfaction survey identified that 87% of those who participated in the survey advised that they had internet access with over 50% of the responders advising that email was one of their top 3 methods of communication with the Association.

In recognition of the changing needs of our customers, we now send all communications by email where possible.     

The Benefits for our Customers of our Communicating by Email

  • We can ensure each email includes the necessary information and can be received promptly by you.  
  • You can send/respond to emails at a time that suits you.  You can still telephone/visit us during our office hours, but you can send emails at any time and we will respond to you during our working hours.
  • You can save copies of emails and access information easily.

Opting out of Receiving Emails

We would prefer to use email for cost and efficiency, but we appreciate that this may not suit everyone.  If a customer would rather still receive correspondence by post, they can contact us to let us know.   

Don’t have an Email address

If we don’t hold an email address for a customer, we will continue to contact them by post.

Have Email but not sure how to use it/Would like help setting Email up

If you are a tenant of Paisley HA, then we can help you with this.  Just contact us on 0141 889 7105 (select option 0) and we will arrange for someone to speak with you to set this up.

If you are not a tenant of Paisley HA, your local library may be able to assist you with setting up and using email.

Different Communication Needs

If you need us to adjust how we communicate with you, for example if:

  • You have a visual or hearing impairment
  • English is not your first language

Please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate this.