Buildings Insurance

As an owner of a property within a tenement, including flats and commercial premises, you must by law be covered by building insurance

Paisley South Property Services (PSPS) offers buildings insurance that covers full reinstatement value. Claims can only be made following damage caused by insurable perils, such as fire damage, storm damage or an escape of water. Ongoing maintenance and general wear and tear issues are not covered by buildings insurance.

If you wish to purchase buildings insurance for your factored property through Paisley HA's block buildings insurance, please email 

If you have taken out building insurance for your property via PHA and you wish to make a claim, please contact our Insurance Brokers, Howden Scotland Ltd: 

  • To make a claim please call: 0131 553 2293 
  • Or email:
  • If you feel you have an emergency that requires assistance out with normal business hours (such as a large fire or very large flooding or storm event) then please call 0131 553 2293 as this number will have an out of hours service.

 If you choose to have alternative buildings insurance, you need to provide us proof of your property having buildings insurance to the full reinstatement value. This information needs to be provided annually.